• Master Students
PhotoNameYear of StudyResearch Area
lfHan Wu2018-2021
lfJia-Chen Wang2018-2021
lfYu-Fei Ni2018-2021
lfHai-Ying Wu2017-2020Fiber optic monitoring and health diagnosis of underground pipeline subjected to ground settlement
lfGu-Yu Zhou2016-2019Key strain sensing techniques of fiber Bragg grating-based geotechnical monitoring (now PhD student of PSL University, France)
lfBao Zhu2016-2019Experimental study on soil-pipeline interaction under ground settlement
lfFei Li2015-2018Performance of fiber-reinforced soil
wdyDe-Yang Wang2015-2018Soil-pipe interaction under surcharge loading
xxyXin-Yu Xu2015-2018Innovative sensing technologies of underground tunnels (visiting student of ENPC, France)
bty Yong Zhu2015-2018Uplift behavior of anchor plates in sand
Dong-Dong Chen2014-2017Factors affecting the fiber-soil interface bonding
Wen-Wen Dong 2014-2017Fiber optic monitoring of slope deformation
Ya-Nan Wen 2014-2017Nano-bentonite reinforced soil
Cheng-Cheng Zhang2013-2016DFOS-based soil deformation monitoring (visiting student of UC Berkeley, USA)
Jun-Kuan She2013-2015Experimental study on optical fiber-soil interface
Qian Ma2013-2015Numerical analysis of reservior slope
Zheng-Yu Wang2013-2015Strain-based slope stability analysis
    • Undergraduate Students

Jie Liu (2020), now studies for a Master degree in Nanjing University, China
Xi-Feng Liu (2020), now studies for a Master degree in Nanjing University, China
Bo-Jiang Li (2019), now studies for a Master degree in Nanjing University, China
Xiao Liang (2018), now studies for a Master degree in Guangzhou Institute of Geochemistry, CAS, China
Jin-Wen Huo (2016), now studies for a Master degree in ENPC, France
Aide Aimu (2015), now works in Xinjiang, China
Cheng Chen (2014), now works in Schlumberger Limited, Australia
Cheng-Cheng Zhang (2013), now an assistant professor in Nanjing University, China
Ye-Tian Li (2012), now studies for a Master degree in University of Birmingham, UK
Tian-Long Zhou (2012), now works in China General Nuclear Power Group, China

  • Visiting Student

Narala Gangadhara Reddy (2019), PhD student of Indian Institute of Technology, Bhubaneswar, India; now, Assistant Professor, KITS Warangal, India